New Leeds based noise/math 3 piece

Hard hitting heavy vocals and muddy guitars, “Bread and Honey” the debut EP from Irk is for the fans of the heavier side of our beloved genre.

FFO Meshuggah, The Jesus Lizard, Zu, These Arms Are Snakes

The EP is available as pay what you want download from their bandcamp, but don’t be a dick chuck them a few quid

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Orienta Pearl TV Tower

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New Band: Orbit Shifter

Check out instrumental math-rock duo Orbit Shifter.

Chicago based band influenced by 90’s Don Cab, Hella, Piglet, Storm & Stress, and King Crimson.

They’ve played shows with Victor Villarreal, The Para-Medics, and Options, and will be playing shows with the math-rock bands Junior Bob and 100 Ounces in January of 2014.

Their debut EP called Max Headroom is available as a free download on bandcamp  –

The recordings are a little fuzzy round the edges but the quality content is all there, with some tappy-guitar goodness and exciting interplay and transitions with the drums.

Download rating: No Brainer, must download!

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Sonic Anhedonic

Brighton collective and record label Sonic Anhedonic have recently released their 2 debut records.

The first coming from Yndi Halda, Bermuda Ern and SASO drummer Oli Newton via the Pseudonym The Lunchtime Sardine Club. Not only a debut for the newly formed label but Icecapades is also the first solo attempt for Oli. The album has a minimal, Lo-Fi feel and sound with some songs stripped down to an acoustic guitar and vocals with others featuring collaborations with friends.

Recorded using all the space a house has to offer, with friends and neighbours over a year and a half, Icecapades is sonically and lyrically dark yet playful, an album which closely ties its subject matter to its sound.

With an album of short stories (the death of a boxer, the sleepy sickness epidemic of the 1920’s, the mysterious dissapearance of three lighthouse keepers, an old womans embalming, murderous distortion) the lunchtime sardine club presents a cohesive album that begs to be listened to from start to finish. Which you can below or here

The other release is also from a Brighton based musician Steven Stride of Crooked Mountain Crooked Sea and Love Among the Mannequins. His solo effort released this week is more stripped down than the LTSC release and has a DIY character which this writer really enjoys. The self-titled album Chalk is available to listen here

There promises to be some great releases via this label such as Bermuda Ern and Eugene Quell coming 2013/14. Have a download of their sampler here

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Stream new Football etc. Lp

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Stream new Dowsing LP

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Front Bottoms – Talon of The Hawk Stream

New Jersey’s Front Bottoms have been climbing the indie hierarchy since 2008. Through a cult-like fan base, an abundance of critical reviews, and an extensive touring schedule with bands like Say Anything and Motion City Soundtrack, they finally reached the cusp with their highly anticipated 2013 album Talon of the Hawk.

This album is arriving just in time to push your dumb friends in the pool and rock out to some fun folky, pop-punk. I’m sure the name drops like Say Anything or Motion City Soundtrack may scare off a few of you, but this album easily demolishes your hesitation to dive back into those 8th grade skinny jeans.


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