a salaam alaikum

Welcome brothers and sisters. For the few (if any) who read this post, the first of many I hope, you have joined at the beginning of a new blogging adventure. I will be using this blog primarily to post tracks/videos/tour dates or general info about bands and artists I enjoy and/or feel deserve more recognition that they already receive. As to any sort of success in this element… well that remains to be seen.

I am not a writer just a music enthusiast who loves to share great tunes. Any tips or feedback will be welcomed with open arms.

Please check back soon as I hope to keep posts flowing regularly also I am open to any suggested listening or if you have a musical talent of your own, I would love to hear your creations.





About inamongsttheclouds

I'm a music enthusiast who enjoys writing, playing and listening to all sorts of aural ventures. Any suggestions or submissions would be appreciated. email: westardwick@hotmail.com Do bookings for Bar 1:22 in Huddersfield, looking for gigs? email: 122office@googlemail.com
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