Introducing: I Love Colour

I have played with and seen i love colour a number of times whilst i was living in Huddersfield and they had always blown me away with their live performance. But since then they have grown in numbers (with the introduction of a second guitarist)  and musical maturity. This début EP “The Wolf” proves that the group has evolved to find a musical style that is genre bending, drawing influences from Efterklang and a post-rock/electronic crossover. This sound suits them, there is an organic feel which comes through both in the recordings and live. The Wolf shows their wide array of talent on display whether its the phenomenal slap bass riff in Canaan, the synchronous trombone and trumpet harmonies bringing into a dramatic final two minutes of Mountains like shoulders or how lead singer aaron’s vocals manages to range from a state of vulnerability to passion filled screaming. There are so many gems to be found on this short EP but my favourite track has to be Bones, it had always been the track i anticipated  most in a live setting but this recording allows the listener to hear things missed in the small fire-traps of venues you find in Huddersfield.

I employ you to get this EP it truly is great, my only complaint is that there isn’t enough to satisfy my new i love colour addiction. I hope for more very soon.

It is available as “pay what you want” via their bandcamp, here, but these guys deserve some financial recompense for the obvious hard work they have put into writing and recording this.


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