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So its been quite some time since I last posted, this therefore may turn into a large one. I’m going to try to update on what i’ve been listening to (both old(ish) and new(ish)), some new bands and releases plus a couple of tours to check out.

Let the procrastinating stop and lets crack into the beast (is that a saying? not sure).


2-piece emo/punk band from New Jersey who have a couple of EPs available on their bandcamp HERE . The Lo-Fi recordings reminiscent of algernon cadwallader are all amusingly titled such as my favourites “If Your Song Title Has The Word “Beach” In It, I’m Not Listening To It” followed by the next track “Get to the Beach!”

They are dirt cheap to download and definitely worth a listen.

Hop Along

Debut album “Get Disowned” by Philadelphia band Hop Along has just been released In the UK via Big Scary Monsters and has not stopped playing on my ipod. Female Vocalist and songwriter Frances Quinlan fronts with brother and an old school friend to complete the trio.

Female lead vocalists rarely strike a chord for me but for Hop Along and Frances’ powerful and dynamically diverse vocals I am a junkie. She manages to take her voice to the next level

Download, Buy, Steal whatever just get this album here

Also they will be playing at Old Blue Last in London on 28/4 with Toby (MMISL and SASO)

Turtle Bus

Video from a session Turtle bus did in Huddersfield also check out Bottles from the same session.

I played a gig with them last week however it wasn’t at all like these videos. It was the bands alter-ego Crazy Bastard Turtle Bus and we played this:


With a new album comes a new name. This Towns Needs Guns now go by TTNG due to sensitivity, with them now touring across the pond and the US’ love for shooting people, they thought it might be best.

I’ve somehow managed to see TTNG about 5/6 times in the same amount of months so have now seen most of this album live. Its, as you’d expect, brilliant live and on the record.

So Much Light / The Speed of Sound in Seawater / Mansion Closets

Damien Verrett is a Californian Musician and is part of four-piece group “The Speed of Sound in Seawater”. “So much Light” is his solo acoustic project and “Mansion Closets” is his Third and more-experimental electro effort.

All three outlets have different things to offer but with Damiens distinct vocals tying all three together.


Montreal based Math-rock three-piece Gulfer have quickly become one of my favorite new artists after i heard their split with fagio.sepia. Now they have just released their 2nd Ep “Transcendals”


Nate Kinsella, Math-rock pioneer from bands such as Joan of Arc and Make Believe, has just finished up a European tour supporting TTNG. But just before that he did a headline show in London in support of his newest release “Antidotes” which i was lucky enough to attend. Kinsella was calm and organized considering its a one-man band set-up with loop pedals, glocks, guitars, drums and a bunch of samplers and outboard effects the result being beautiful and poignant.

John Smith

John Smiths fourth studio release (the third was a covers album) “Great Lakes” will be out 25/03. Here’s a fantastic teaser video

There will also be a accompanying tour

Photo: My Spring Tour is on sale now, folks!

Someone Died

AKA Alan Welsh from Tangled Hair has been playing solo shows for a while, joining Joey Four and Shoes and Socks off on their epic front man tour as well as playing with Birthmark. He now has a couple of tracks up for free on his bandcamp.

Shakey Hands

Billy Bragg/frank Turner-esq. Based in Leeds

MM Compilation

Best music blog on the internet Musical Mathematics have issued their newest compilation “Fifth One’s for the Bros..”

Full of great bands and tracks, its only £3 and its for charity

Iron and wine

New album and a couple UK dates on the way.

Thu 30th May
Iron And Wine

Opera House

Fri 31st May
Iron And Wine

Barbican Centre

The Magic Band

As in Captain Beefheart and the… are doing a UK tour!!! Need i say more??

Mon 4th Mar
The Magic Band + The Blood Choir

The Fleece

Tue 5th Mar
The Magic Band

The Robin 2

Wed 6th Mar
The Magic Band + Dean McPhee + John French + Rockette Morton + Denny Walley

The Continental

Thu 7th Mar
The Magic Band

Band On The Wall

Sat 9th Mar
The Magic Band

The Arches

Sun 10th Mar
The Magic Band

The Picture House

Mon 11th Mar
The Magic Band

The Cluny & The Cluny 2
Newcastle upon Tyne

Wed 13th Mar
The Magic Band + Edgar Jones

Eric’s Club

Thu 14th Mar
The Magic Band

The Duchess

Fri 15th Mar
The Magic Band


Sat 16th Mar
The Magic Band

Under The Bridge


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