London based gig promoter Felciano aka Sam Smith puts on some great gigs around London featuring such bands as Everyone Everywhere, Axes, Tall Ships, Polio, Stagecoach, The Physics House Band, Gunning For Tamar and lots more. He has just started booking full tours and releasing some great EPs and compilation albums.

check out his pages





And get down to the Windmill on Easter Sunday for an all-dayer piss up with some top live bands

Hold Your Horse Is Axes Bloody Mammals Playlounge Polio +Samoans Luke Godwin Delta Sleep Beware Wolf Part Dinosaur I Saved Latin


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I'm a music enthusiast who enjoys writing, playing and listening to all sorts of aural ventures. Any suggestions or submissions would be appreciated. email: westardwick@hotmail.com Do bookings for Bar 1:22 in Huddersfield, looking for gigs? email: 122office@googlemail.com
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