The Little Unsaid – Single Release

The First single from upcoming sophomore album Dig For The Promise was released today. Titled “Midnight On An Island” the single promises much for the the full release out 29/04/13

Have a listen

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I'm a music enthusiast who enjoys writing, playing and listening to all sorts of aural ventures. Any suggestions or submissions would be appreciated. email: Do bookings for Bar 1:22 in Huddersfield, looking for gigs? email:
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1 Response to The Little Unsaid – Single Release

  1. dolandaka says:

    The making of ‘Dig For The Promise’ was crowd sourced and as a pledger I have been lucky enough to get a preview of the whole album as a download. John Elliot aka The Little Unsaid oozes talent through every pore and 2013 should see him garner a bigger audience. If not, the world really has gone mad.

    Check out John’s ‘made in the bedroom’ version of Kate Bush’s Cloudbusting on Youtube.

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