Suns of Satan

Danish Label Father Figure Records, home of Dad Rocks!, have signed duo Suns of Satan. Don’t let the name put you off they are not some (delete where appropriate)  death/black/grunge/drone/thrash metal band.

Suns Of Satan is the musical outlet of danish-norwegian composer, singer and percussionist Kristine Bjørg Markussen in collaboration with her husband and multi-instrumentalist Jeppe Søndergård Knudsen. All songs and lyrics are written by Bjørg, and the husband and wife duo produce the music together.


Bjørg grew up listening to cassette tapes her father copied for her. He was living in the other part of the country and saw the tapes as a way to connect with his daughter. Bjørg listened repeatedly to the tapes containing the works of The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix, the latter becoming one of Bjørgs biggest influences. In her teens Bjørg spent time in Western Africa where she studied african traditional percussion and attended witchcraft rituals.

Bjørgs compositions revolve around the dichotomy between life and death, home and away, man and woman, good and evil. On the one hand naivistic but at the same time thoughtful lyrical universe reflects the opposing feelings of losing her mother to cancer at the same time as her second son was born. Hurrying to finish the record before her mother’s passing, Bjørgs music was the last piece of music her mother listened to. Likewise the closing track of the record was played publicly for the first time at Bjørgs mother’s funeral.


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  1. that may very well be THE most hipster couple i have ever heard or seen..

    i love it

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