MixCloud Playlists

Not being that computer savvy I don’t know how to embed mixcloud playlists on my blog yet so ill just post the links.

The first is from Big Scary Monsters who upload a mix fortnightly so check back for more great playlists. This one includes bands from the label’s roster and some other awesome tracks


The other is from another DIY label, Audio Antihero, including a variety of tracks from their roster.



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Minus the Bear

Gig this Friday (17th) at Heaven in London. Touring the new album Infinity Overhead.

Stream it here

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Macho Muchacho

Math Rock band from Ecuador. Macho Muchacho.

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I have been listening to this 2010 EP from Caravels, released on Topshelf records, all week. Just can’t stop, take a listen and enjoy.

Take a look at Topshelf records as well, they have an amazing rosta.

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Recording their 2011 album Tassili in the sahara desert

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Introducing: I Love Colour

I have played with and seen i love colour a number of times whilst i was living in Huddersfield and they had always blown me away with their live performance. But since then they have grown in numbers (with the introduction of a second guitarist)  and musical maturity. This début EP “The Wolf” proves that the group has evolved to find a musical style that is genre bending, drawing influences from Efterklang and a post-rock/electronic crossover. This sound suits them, there is an organic feel which comes through both in the recordings and live. The Wolf shows their wide array of talent on display whether its the phenomenal slap bass riff in Canaan, the synchronous trombone and trumpet harmonies bringing into a dramatic final two minutes of Mountains like shoulders or how lead singer aaron’s vocals manages to range from a state of vulnerability to passion filled screaming. There are so many gems to be found on this short EP but my favourite track has to be Bones, it had always been the track i anticipated  most in a live setting but this recording allows the listener to hear things missed in the small fire-traps of venues you find in Huddersfield.

I employ you to get this EP it truly is great, my only complaint is that there isn’t enough to satisfy my new i love colour addiction. I hope for more very soon.

It is available as “pay what you want” via their bandcamp, here, but these guys deserve some financial recompense for the obvious hard work they have put into writing and recording this.

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Everyone Everywhere UK Tour

Everyone Everywhere, recently signed to my personal favorite record label Big Scary Monsters for their newest self-titled full length album. To coincide with this release they are heading over the pond for an extensive european tour, the first they have done.

A must see for fans of algernon cadwallader and american football.

I will certainly be at the London show at The Black Heart in Camden and i think you should be too.

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A carefully planned festival

If you are in or around manchester this october be sure to pick up tickets for confidently named a carefully planned festival. Tickets are only £10 available here, which is peanuts. Line-up looks interesting, a few certifiably great bands like jairus, dad rocks!, tall ships, shield your eyes and vasco da gamma who were mentioned in an earlier post, aswell as plenty more to see over the weekend at four different venues.

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Backton Shore – Turtle Bus

The folk stylings of crazy bastard turtle bus recorded in a yorkshire cellar.

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Vasco Da Gamma

Four-piece from liverpool who have fused math-rock style guitar with funky latin grooves in a very accessible fashion. Very catchy and infectious.

They currently have an EP and a single available for download via their bandcamp the latter for free. Here.


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Lymbyc Systym – Prairie School

Lymbyc Systym – Prairie School

New Track from Lymbyc System’s Third Full length album “Symbolyst”

This is a great track and gets me all excited for the new release due 18th September!!!

Check out their previous two albums

Love your Abuser (2007)

Shutter Release (2009)

as well as the split they did with the just as awesome This Will Destroy You

 Field Studies (2009)

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a salaam alaikum

Welcome brothers and sisters. For the few (if any) who read this post, the first of many I hope, you have joined at the beginning of a new blogging adventure. I will be using this blog primarily to post tracks/videos/tour dates or general info about bands and artists I enjoy and/or feel deserve more recognition that they already receive. As to any sort of success in this element… well that remains to be seen.

I am not a writer just a music enthusiast who loves to share great tunes. Any tips or feedback will be welcomed with open arms.

Please check back soon as I hope to keep posts flowing regularly also I am open to any suggested listening or if you have a musical talent of your own, I would love to hear your creations.




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