Fresh Meat | Introducing… Cleft


Through brilliant early production values, interesting images of Jimmy Hill and most importantly, with an extremely promising and break-through EP, Cleft might sound like an alien entity now, but wait a few years and we’ll wager that you won’t be able to get away from them.


Consisting of just two frantic members and formed little over a year ago, Cleft are just getting round to the release of their second EP titled ‘Whale Bone’ after the fruitful sounds of their ‘Utter EP’ were “their sound is the most professional and direct we’ve heard from a band this fresh and young in ages”heard not long over four months ago. Riddled with the dominating sounds progressive rock, the swiftness of hardcore and presented with the edge and fearlessness of modern instrumental noise, their sound is the most professional and direct we’ve heard from a band this fresh and young in ages. Listening to their new five-track, the duo make more than enough of an entrance from estranged artists to well-known musicians, with the quickening opener of ‘Gulch’ drawing interest in seconds as undeviating drums mix with FX-drenched guitars, blasting compelling and immense ideas and evolutions.
Taking from where bands like Adebisi Shank and Battles might have left off, Cleft are a band full of thoughtful, ‘right-here, right-now’, alternative instrumental-rock concepts. Not shying away for too long in introductions, preludes and postludes, sparse middle “a band full of thoughtful, ‘right-here, right-now’, alternative instrumental-rock concepts”sections or endings, their straight-to-the-point rawness and directive narrative in head-crushing composition and performance is the perfect format for any new band.

So with new music this good, there’s no point in wasting anymore time. Go get well and truly indoctrinated with Cleft’s own thrusting style of ‘Turbo-Prog’ right now and pick up a copy of ‘Whale Bone’ via their bandcamp HERE (To be released 22nd September).

Keep up to date with Cleft’s goings on and ‘Like’ them on Facebook HERE

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